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Offline vs. Online Marketing

October 13th, 2011 · No Comments

When I started out, I made websites for ME.  I learned some pretty critical skills as I worked on my own passive-income websites.  I learned:

  • how to build a website that sells
  • how to rank well in the search engines
  • how to drive traffic to the website via social media
  • and more!

As word got out that I was doing these things for myself, an interesting thing happened.  “Real”, off-line businesses started to ask me to help them with their companies and their internet marketing strategies.

So, I tabled the development of my own passive income streams and started helping other companies.  This is often referred to as “offline marketing”…doing internet marketing services for local businesses.

Later, I hit an obstacle that is common to many small businesses.  The energy required to maintain the sales engine was very high.  Building sites that I can fire up and let run on their own?  No problem.  Having to sustain a list of calls, prospects, doing presentations, closing, executing, all while trying to keep the pipeline full of new customers?  Problem.

The beauty of making money online for myself  is the simplicity of it.  I can work on it at MY pace, not someone else’s.  That is very freeing.  And the idea that most of us pursuing online marketing really cherish is the idea of PASSIVE income…money that comes in without doing extra work.

I have websites that make money each and every month, that I haven’t TOUCHED in over two years.  THAT is passive income, and THAT is what online marketing is all about!  No pursuing customers every day.  No spending 80% of the time contacting new prospects.  Take that 80% of your time, and pour it into building the next money-maker, or optimizing an existing one!

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Finally! A WordPress Plugin that Allows Me to Sell and Have Affiliates!

May 15th, 2011 · No Comments

I have been selling digital products online for a while.

First, I used eBay.  Then, the $7 script.  Then Rapid Action Profits.

I won’t even talk about selling digitally on eBay any more, since the glory days are past.  And the headache I always had with the 7 dollar script and RAP are the setup…particularly the template editing to make the pages look right.  AND, it’s always been difficult to integrate those sales platforms into WordPress, which is what I build all my sites in (because of how easy it is, and because of the Google love).

FINALLY someone built what I’ve been requesting for a long time…a WordPress plugin that handles digital sales/delivery/security AND handle the affiliate side of things.

I don’t have to explain the power of having an affiliate program for your digital product, right?  I mean…having OTHER people sell for you…why NOT give them a cut of each sale?

Check out this WordPress Affiliate Program plugin called WP Instant Pay.  It is phenomenal.  It is SO easy, SO well-documented, and I can just plug it in and start selling on my WP sites!

When I found out this was coming out, I actually delayed a few projects I was working on until it was released.  I knew that it would be worth the wait, rather than hassle with RAP or $7 script.  And I was right.

Check it out!  And start selling through your WP sites, and recruiting your affiliates!!

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Article Writing Made Easy

September 20th, 2010 · No Comments

Internet Marketing is easy, right?  :)

  1. create site with ads or affiliate links
  2. drive traffic to said site
  3. PROFIT!!

Oh, if it were only that simple!

First, the creation of content for the site can be tedious…especially if it’s in a niche about which you only know a little.

Second, driving traffic is a function of having good content on the page, as well as a good backlinking strategy.  And one of the best backlinking strategies is article marketing.  But it can get tiresome writing article after article.

I know from experience, as well as from lurking on lots of Internet Marketing forums, that CONTENT IS KING, but Content Creation is one of the biggest hills to climb for most folks.

So I created “Uniquification“.

It is a program that helps people who need content.  Whether it’s writing posts for their blog or website, writing articles for article marketing, or creating a “free report” to give away for an opt-in, this program can help make content creation FAST AND EASY!

Check out “Uniquification: Unique, Original Content…Fast“.

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